Daniel Stone

15 year old Android Developer.


03 Feb 2017

Managing Launcher Shortcuts

Android Nougat I recently found myself needing to complete a German writing task, respond to a few emails and revise...

27 Sep 2016

Amazon Dash with Tasker

Amazon-Hyphen. So, you’ve probably seen the Amazon Dash Button - a compact little wifi connected button. There have been loads...

17 Sep 2016

RSPS - League Table WebApp

Throwbacks. Around Christmas last year, my school form and I decided to host a league based competition around the Android...

26 Aug 2016

Android Bottom Sheet with Dimmed Background

So, I was developing a new budget feature for Monitor for EnergyHive and Engage and needed a way to display...

25 Aug 2016

Welcome to my new website

Hi there. My name is Dan Stone, I’m 15 years old and I like programming (among other things). That’s all...